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4-5 September 2018 | Fabrik23 | Berlin

Thank you for joining us at Rhizome18 in Berlin!

At Rhizome18 we came together to live creative interchange and to develop innovative solutions for the human-machine interaction in the kitchen at Fabrik23, Berlin’s creative networking oasis.

Enjoy the conference pictures to get an impression of the unique spirit at Rhizome18.


Digitalization is revolutionizing all aspects of life, from mobility to work to relationships. The rapidly developing human-machine-interaction also touches what used to be the center of life for thousands of generations: the kitchen.

Discover, interact and share your vision about the future food generation, learn how devices & social interaction will shape our way of preparing dishes, and let us hear your thoughts on how data-driven services will revolutionize our user experience.

Join the debate, switch perspectives and discover what end consumers expect from exciting topics like sustainable food storage, give your input on tomorrow’s replenishment and grocery services and get to know how predictive maintenance will enrich our connected kitchen experiences now and in the future.


Data – Driven Services

Big Support or Big Brother? We take a deep dive into the way our personal data will shape our user experiences. When and how would you like to learn about the imminent breakdown of your device? How would you like service providers to support you in the entire planning and cooking process? Where is the thin line between help and hassle?

Devices + Social interaction

Communication is the key – but how will we actually communicate with our peers and our kitchen gadgets in the future? What role will connected appliances and devices play, and do we actually want to know what Ms Miller’s husband likes to eat for dinner? Let’s hear your thoughts and rack our brains to nail down the perfect interaction with the increasing number of connected appliances in our kitchen and with our cooking buddies all over the world.

Future Food Generation

In between soaring obesity rates and global hunger crises, future nutrition is a mind-numbingly complex field. Let us discover, share and shape the disruptive solutions to our countless questions on how food and drink will be produced, distributed, prepared and consumed to satisfy consumers’ individual needs and minds.


The term “Rhizome” originates from botany and describes a network of subterranean roots. As such it is used to describe the interconnections within the modern world of knowledge. Everything is connected and nothing has a fixed point within a hierarchy anymore. Constantly, new connections, analogies and interdependencies are emerging, that link the various fields of knowledge to another generating new perspectives and insights.

Rhizome aims to spur this interdisciplinary exchange in the search for those lines of thinking that complement to an holistic understanding of the relationship between human and machine.

Can the kitchen with its appliances and design, the human desire for convenience, healthy nutrition and social interaction converge in the Digital Age? Which connections already exist and how can these be enhanced to create more value? These and more questions were tackled by the participating thinkers of Rhizome17 for the first time.