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Let us take a deep dive to explore potentials, possibilities and preferences in these interactive hands-on workshops.

Predictive Maintenance – Support or Surveillance?

How much support and proactive feedback about their device status do consumers want and where is the tipping point towards a feeling of surveillance and disturbance? Do we prefer a message by our device, an email from the customer support or a spontaneous call from the mechanic who happens to be around the corner and already knows that your dishwasher will need maintenance in the next couple of days? Let us talk about personal preferences, technical possibilities and the best way to maintain the value of kitchen devices whilst preserving the consumers’ autonomy.

Delicious Data – Solutions/Prototypes for Hungry Minds

Where and which kind of assistance do customers need in each step between meal planning, grocery shopping and the final arranging of the dishes? How can big data help to provide tailored cooking experiences and seamlessly connected services? Some might say “Too many cooks spoil the broth.“ Yet we want to hear about as many opinions, solutions and approaches as possible. So let’s get to work on and develop smart solutions for our everyday kitchen challenges.

Cook It Like Jamie – How Can Smart Assistants Improve our Kitchen Skills?

How will we interact with our devices in which type of ecosystem? Would you prefer touching, swiping or talking? Do you want your kitchen appliance to provide all necessary information or would you rather have it communicating with providers like allrecipes or amazon? And do you still want to own it or is the shareconomy the way to go? Enlighten us in this interactive and inspiring workshop and share your thoughts and concerns.

Connectivity Myth Busting. Is it All In or Little Bets?

Which connected features do consumers expect particularly from their smaller kitchen appliances and what exactly is the value of additional functionalities? Are we prepared to integrate all of our devices into a seamless gadget ecosystem and what are the features that we expect from individual small kitchen helpers? Start up the grey matter with likeminded workshop colleagues and cook up some tasty insights!

Darling, Have You Printed our Dinner Yet?

Which nutritional and technological innovations are we ready to accept in our daily diet? Will we pop a magic pill instead of our morning coffee or is it our in-house farm that will power us through the day? Is it worm burgers or algae spaghetti that will feed us in the future? The nutritional world is our oyster – let us crack it and get to the core!

Start-up Meets Corporate: Food for Thought

What happens when agile start-ups pitch their smart ideas to established corporations?

Founders’ high aspirations and corporate conventions often collide. What makes change happen and how can these two match their requirements to foster growth and innovation? Let us put on our thinking hats and look into expectations and past experiences to generate feasible ideas for a smooth collaboration.